Sunday, August 30, 2015

What I got for my Birthday...

This is what my husband took me to get at JoAnn with all the coupons! I had others on line to print out but for some reason I cant print out on my printer now! I went to the new windows 10 and it won't let me print. So all of the coupons that are sent to me I can't print out same with my digi prints :(
I got some Acrylic paints, Watercolor paints, Wood Burner, Long Needles, Inka-Gold, All stuff that I was needing and then I got buy one get one free clay and just some trims that were in the sales bins and the Floral beads were half off with a coupon too so was the box! I had a coupon for everything :-)  

This was a surprise gift! My husband had this sitting in the front seat of the car so when we started to leave I opened up the car and noticed this in the seat! had no idea he was getting this for me! He had already gave me a card so I thought the card and going to JoAnn was my Birthday gift but he gave me more! How sweet was that :-) 

My sweet little Ella!
She is my baby :-)

Gift from my daughter; Shelby that she got at Bath & Body Works

She also got this to get us ready for Fall :)

She also got me some VS PJ :)

Yummy cup cakes that she brought  home from work 
and gave me :-)

My daughter took me to get my hair cut :-)

I think it looks so much better and feels better now!

Had 2-inches cut :-)
I had a very blessed 49th Birthday Thank's to my Loving Husband and Daughter... God bless them both :-)

Friday, August 21, 2015

This is what my Craft Room looked like before I got started...

Look I can see the floor now!!!

My Ella is happy that she can walk in and have plenty of space but still so much work to be done!

Thursday, August 13, 2015

New craft room storage!

 My husband helped me put together the 9-cube shelves... I got 2 of them from Big Lots!
 Here is one of them after it was put together!
 I got 4 of these crates from Walmart!
Used them for paper storage...

I got this from Big Lots for $25.00!
Great storage and it has wheels too :)