Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Update for this week:

Hello everyone.. Sorry I did not get a video up last week. I have been trying to at least get a new video up once a week but with trying to get my room cleaned out and organized too it has been quite a challenge to do both! My iphone has quit videoing for me so therefor I have no way to use it like I was in other parts of my home. I have my laptop but I can only use it for vlogging! I have crafting videos planned but I have to get my desk set back up and cleared of and my large video camera set up in my art room to do any of them. I got a shipment in a week ago from my most favorite seller on Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/shop/DivineDesignsbyBonni
I love her shop! go check her out.. she has great prices on all Tim holtz, Fiskars, Martha Stewart, EK Success, and so many more brands she has in her shop! If she does not have what you are looking for ask her about it and she may can get it for you. She is my go to shop before I go to any other store online! I have 2 boxes of goodies I will be making a video on to share very soon! I just have not had the time yet to do it so keep a lookout for this soon! 
Here is what I have been working on...
I used this white cart to hold all my paint brushes, dies, distress paints, all my mixed media mediums, sprays anything like that I put on this cart so I could find easily.

I have got all my paints and paint mediums and things to that nature
all organized and put away now. All my other craft paint I placed into the bottom of this drawer since there was no room on the cart.

In the middle drawer is fabric paint and glass paint and any other special paints.

In the top drawer I put paint that I got from the hardware store and chalk paint that I made with extra foam brushes.
I still need to finish cataloging some of the paints but I am so happy to finally find a home for them! I have moved them several times till I decided on this and I think I will really like this set up and it will make it easy to find what I need and easy to put things away when I am done most of all to keep things clean!
Stay tune for many more updates... Have a blessed day :)

PS: Tell me in a comment if you are in the middle of a redo or if you have done one. I'd love to see a video if you have it to share or any photos! Thank's :)